Student Happiness at Saint Leo University

bigstockphoto_Student_2170776Happiness is just as much of a necessity in school as study time and learning materials. A happy student is typically a busy student, or a student that has found their niche and now thrives with so many learning opportunities and activities that they do not have time for stress, depression, boredom, or homesickness. Princeton Review’s 2009 College Ranking Research took a look at the “best” colleges from several different angles, including colleges considered top-rated because of student happiness.

“Paradise” colleges with happy students included subcategories like “Happiest Students,” “Best Campus Food,” “Dorms Like Palaces,” “Most Beautiful Campus,” “Easiest Campus to Get Around,” and “Best Quality of Life.”

On the other side of the fence, “Purgatory” colleges were downrated because of “Least Happiest Students,” “Is it Food?” “Dorms Like Dungeons,” and “Least Beautiful Campus.”

Saint Leo University‘s president Arthur Kirk served midnight breakfast of the highest quality to students and faculty. Saint Leo University also participated in a Family Fitness Weekend this summer, with a marathon that spread across the beautiful Florida campus. Students are blogging about how happy they are with their college life and letting prospective students get an inside peek at what it’s like to be part of the Saint Leo University alumni. Saint Leo University has the beautiful campus, the best campus food, and some of the happiest students around.

The best part? Saint Leo University is also an online school, so if that “Dorms Like Palaces” concept does not sound appealing to you, you can attend Saint Leo University from the comfort of your own home. Saint Leo University is also a military-friendly school.