Five Quirky Benefits an Online Education Gives Your Career

Online education programs boost computer skillsThe typical benefits that prospective college students hear about when it comes to online education programs are flexibility, convenience, and customability. The flexibility to go to class when you want, so that your education works around your schedule instead of the other way around; the convenience to go to class where you want, so that you may attend classes while traveling or deployed; and the customability to go to class how you want, with as little or as much time as you need put into readings, assignments, and exams.

But what about the benefits of online education after you graduate? An online education program is considered just as well off, if not more respected, than a campus-based education so long as it is from an accredited college or university. In addition to maintaining the repuability of educational quality, the online education comes with the five following additional benefits:

  1. Your typing speed is faster. Because you are always employing the computer for your online education program, chances are your typing speed is quicker than most. Students that complete online education degrees is often humored by the “60 WPM” minimum of office jobs.
  2. Your computer skills are better. And similarly, your experience with the computer in an online education program has improved your overall computer skills, including your MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint abilities.
  3. You’re Internet-savvy. For professions that require extensive use of the Internet and demand high amounts of research, chances are you’re the ideal candidate. Online education programs involve quite a bit of Internet use and help take the edge off of the vast expanses of the web.
  4. Your multi-tasking skills are sharper. When you’re trying to juggle an education around a job, family, and/or social life, you’re going to naturally adapt multi-tasking skills; this is inherent in all college students. Yet when you are in an online education program, prioritization and multi-tasking is essential; otherwise, you’re prone to procastination, studying mostly on your own. This gives you an upperhand for professions that require multi-tasking and prioritization.
  5. Your technological awareness is higher. In addition to being able to operate a computer better, type faster, and browse the Internet more efficiency, you’re capable of handling all kinds of technological spurs sent your way: electronic videos; faxes; printers; and other important hardware. These technological devices have been integral in your learning process.

How do you think (or how has) online education improved your learning experience and career? Feel free to discuss!